The future of ECG processing and Holter reports is here. State-of-the-Art scanning, analysis, and interpreting ECG Holter studies by internet means while maintaining security, integrity and protection of patient data.


GBI has designed and implemented a new method of analyzing Holter and 12-lead ECG patient recordings (HAN). Holter studies are 24 hour recording of individual patients ECG signals during his normal activities. 12-lead ECG recordings are the standard diagnostic tools for Cardiology.

The purpose of this new analyzing modality is to have a central analyzing center and to receive patient recordings from outlying clinics (RUF) that may not have a cardiologist or are manned only by para medi cal personnel, to be able to access high quality diagnostic results.

HAN will analyze, at a central processing station (PS), patient studies from anywhere that an internet connection is available. A high speed Internet connection is necessary. This will permit any healthcare entity, with remote clinics, to attend their patients from the most remote location, bringing the patient to the cardiology staffed facility only when the exam warrants it, or suggest to the local physician a treatment for that patient.

A control station (CS) is necessary to assure the integrity of the remote reporting and that the patient data flowing in and out of the processing station is handled correctly. The patient data is encrypted and securely transferred over the internet, archived and returned to the correct remote facility.