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External PaceMaker

When pacing accuracy, easy parameter retrieval, and ease-of-use are important, this external pacemaker is the one for you. The multiprogrammable External Pacemaker Galix model PaceStar has 3 methods of tachycardia termination and a graphic display to show simultaneously all programmed parameters and intracavitary ECG signal. Pulse rate, pulse width, pulse amplitude, sensitivity, refractory period and hysteresis can be programmed to achieve the highest pacing performance. All cardiac parameters used in the pacing mode are accessible by one or two keys of the keyboard. Extensive testing on this module during production makes it very reliable on the field. It has a defibrillation, electromagnetic interference and software failure protection system. Small in size, ergonomic and lightweight, it has a lot of measurement features and statistics that make it unique in today's market.

External Pacemaker Pacing Programmable Parameters:

  • Normal Rate: 30-200ppm |step:5ppm| Accuracy:+/-5%
  • Pulse Amplitude: 0.2V-10V | step:0.2V | Accuracy:+/-5%
  • Sensitivity: 0.2mV-12mV | step: 0.2mV | Accuracy:+/-0.2mV
  • Refractory period: 200ms-400ms | step: 5ms | Accuracy:+/-1.5%
  • Pulse Width: 01ms-2ms | step: 0.1ms | Accuracy: +/-0.2%
  • Hysteresis: 0 - 5 - 10 - 15 - 20ppm
  • Emergency: SSI(AAI/VVI) | R=70ppm | A=10V | S=2.4mV | W=1ms
  • EMI Protection: auto-switching to AOO/VOO with acoustic alarm
  • Defibrillation Protection: Up to 400Joules
  • Software Failure Protection: auto-switching to Emergency mode
  • High-rate Operation (overdrive): 120ppm-600ppm | step: 10ppm | Accuracy:+/-3%. Patient heart-rate(HR) is measured automatically and overdrive rate is set 30% higher. For safety reasons, Galix external pacemaker generates auto-quit if no key is pressed within a 20s period.

    Measurements and Statistics:
  • R-R/P-P Interval: 5ms-2s
  • Patient Frequency: 30bpm to 300bpm
  • P-Wave or R-Wave Amplitude
  • Pacing clock: Up to 10 days | Accuracy:+/-0.01%
  • Pacing Percentage: ratio between the total number of paced beats, and total number of paced beats plus spontaneous beats
  • Low Battery Indicator: Acoustic and visual alarm is activated once batteries cannot withstand 3 hours of operation

  • Enclosure: Shock-resistant ABS plastic with sliding door for battery compartment. Only one battery can be changed at a time, Galix external pacemaker can temporary operate with 1 AA, 1.5V Alkaline battery
  • Dimensions: Length:6.53"(166mm), Width:3.46/2.75"(80/70mm), Height: 0.87"(22mm)
  • Weight: 11.5oz.(320g)
  • Power Source & Battery Life: 2-AA Alkaline batteries. Minimum of 20 days of continuous pacing
  • Extender Cable: Compatible with FDA Standards for temporary catheter lead wire
  • Keyboard: Polycarbonate metal-dome tactile-free membrane
  • Display: Graphic Liquid Crystal Display
  • Accessories: Galix external pacemaker set includes a shock-resistant carrying hand-bag, 2,1.5V AA Alkaline batteries, extender cable, arm strap, waist strap, and instruction manual.

    PaceStar-L: PaceStar standard features, plus Data Logging & ECG Waveform Display
  • Event Logging on internal non-volatile memory: Can be stored up to 75 seconds of intracavitary ECG Signals and more than 1500 events, such as parameter changes, alarms, warnings, frequency trends, & tachycardia events
  • Easy traceability of past events for analysis and audit purposes
  • Fiber Optic Cable connected to USB module offers superior signal transfer and maximum patient isolation
  • ECG sampling rate: 400samples/second
  • LCD Display Scanning Rate: 20mm/s - 40mm/s - 80mm/s
  • Continuous patient intrinsic heart rate on display
  • Calipers: time interval and amplitude measurements

    PaceStar-LT: PaceStar-L features, plus Tachycardia Termination
  • Tachycardia Recognition rate: 100bpm-200bpm | step:5bpm
  • Orthorrhythmic: number of pulses in the initial burst Ni=5-10pulses (8). Number of Pulses in the final burst Nf=10-20pulses(15)
  • Scanning: Initial delay ID=200ms-400ms(260), and number of pulses per burst NP=1-10(5)
  • Note: Default Value in parentheses ( )